Recoil threaded insert is made from high quality stainless steel wire with diamond section and Spring shape. Once installed the insert into pre-hole, it will form a durable and hard-wearing thread in matrix metal, usually the thread has higher strength than the matrix metal. Before installation, the diameter of the insert is bigger than the diameter of the tapping hole. when installation, the insert is compressed and scrow into the hole, this can secure the biggest contact areabetween the insert and internal thread of tapping hole and secure lasting positioning insert in the tapping hole. When using threaded insert, load and distribution of the stress will be more well-distributed.

Recoil threaded inserts can provide: repairing damaged wire quickly and easily, making better and more strong thread, the most economic repair solutions,retaining the original thread sizes, much stronger than the original internal thread averagely.

Materials for Recoil threaded inserts

Recoil threaded inserts are usually made of high quality stainless steel SUS304 18 (8), and there are some other materials required by the special application products, for example:

1, 304 austenitic stainless steel (AS7245), suitable for the routine application of within 425 ℃.

2, 316 austenitic stainless steel (AISI 316), applicable to Marine environment application within 425 ℃.

3, InconelX750 alloy (AS7246) is suitable for high temperature 425 ℃ to 550 ℃ or require the application of low permeability.

4, phosphor bronze (DINI7677 or BS2783PB102) , suitable for high temperature 300 ℃for electrical connector or the application of low permeability.

5, Nimonic90 alloy (HR503) , suitable for the application within higher than 650 ℃.

6, Nitronic60 alloy, austenitic wear-resistant alloy (UNSS21800).

7, other special materials, such as :nickel alloy 625 and spring steel, can be customized to the manufacturer.

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