About ACME
 The ACME company was founded in 1942, is located in Cleveland, Ohio (USA). ACME manufactures and sales all kinds of standard parts, hydraulic parts, jig fixture parts, lifting rings, assembly tools, and so on. One of the most creative products are ball lock rapid installation system, using this system,the rehandling time for complete sets of fixture is reduced from 2 or 3 hours to 1 minute and install precision can reach + / - 0.0005 inches.
Greatly improve the utilization efficiency of machine tools, workers do not need training to operation. Other typical products : screw sheathes, toggle clamps, positioning devices, the spring plungers, hand wheels, knobs, etc. More than 10000 kinds of specifications of the standard parts,all have reliable quality. available in inch and metric. 
With the further speed of industrial upgrading in China, China's manufacturing industry is rapidly developing in the direction of the high quality and high precision, the demand for high quality high performance production tools are also increasing.
ACME not only selling the highest standards of standard parts to Chinese users, but also provideing advanced machining technology to Chinese users which is ACME 65 years of experience. Each tool parts and every technology from ACME all embodied highest quality pursue of Jurgen.
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