FILTEC  threaded insert is a kind of new internal thread fastener. it is used in metal or nonmetal material,forming high strength, wear resistant, interchangeable standard internal thread,it also be used for repairing the damaged internal thread hole.Threaded inserts form precisely from cold-rolling diamond wire,internal and external thread concentric body.Under free state, the diameter of insert is little larger than the diameter of pre-hole.Under free state, the diameter of insert is little larger than the diameter of pre-hole.In the process of assembly, installation tool applied to “tang”, producing torsion made the guide ring for a shrink, making the insert into pro-hole which tapped in advance.

After installed, there will be a expansion effect from insert just like the spring, make ieself firmly fixed in screw hole,meanwhile,the insert formed a high-precision internal thread accord with international standard. The expansion elastic properties can balance the error, all the thread of insert can share the load.According to its function, they are divided into regular type and locking type. The locking type has all the function of regular ones and also has the locking function which depend on the polygon stretch to brake bolt locking.

FILTEC  threaded inserts are different from the domestic similar products in 321 steel (1 cr18ni9ti) and 304  steel (0 cr18ni9),FILTEC threaded inserts adopted by the material quality of 301 steel (x10CrNi18-8)a kind of high alloy steel, low carbon content ,the low carbon content can improve the intergranular corrosion resistance of stainless steel. At the point of view of environmental protection strictly control the Cr content.Remove the Ti element,due to Ti and N strong affinity which effect the strength of the stainless steel.Our products adopt large crystal structure, crystal internal order, crystal orientation, the material evenly,showing the outside department have magnetic, so that the metal good toughness, high tensile strength and hardness.The processing technology of FILTEC inserts is more complex than domestic similar products . The process technology content determines the value of the products. Currently, thread inserts have been widely used in aviation, spaceflight, locomotive, automobile, machinery, instrument, mold, construction, furniture, etc.

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