KerbKonus threaded inserts

German Kerb konus threaded inserts are the expert in fastening for many



ISO9001,VDA6.1,QS9000 and ISO/TS16949, etc.

According to the fixed way in material, Kerb konus provides you with a variety

of chooses for our threaded inserts.

ü  self-tapping threaded inserts,Used for metal, wood and fiber.

ü   Used for cold embedded

ü   Used for hot/ultrasonic embedded

ü   Used for pressure into the internal thread

ü   Used for riveting fixed

ü   All inserts can be designed according trequestwe have metric system

American system and inch system for choose.

Material and applicable scope

The materials for selftapping threaded inserts are copper, stainless steel and

carbon steel.It’s used as following:

*For common low strength metal materials: aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, 

zinc alloy, iron, copper, aluminum, zinc, etc.

* Nonmetallic materials: plastic, wood, bakelite, synthetic resin, etc

* KKV thread inserts can be adapted to all of the plastic materials, 

strengtheningmaterials, hardwood, plywood, cardboard boxes and metal.

Areas of application:

Ensat threaded insert can be applied to all metal and plastic industry

automation industry:

auto mirror, engine, transmission, radiator, etc

Household appliances and office equipment:

Vacuum cleaner, camera, fluorescent lamp, drill bit, etc

Electronic and experiment items:

Capacitors, radio and communications systems, dental technology and equipment, etc

Factory and construction equipment:

flange connection etc.

Ensat threaded insert

Ensat threaded insert is a kind of internal and external material fastener with cutting groove or cutting hole. There is no need pre-hole for Ensat threaded insert, it can be directly screwing into the bottom hole reserved in workpiece. It can overlap with slot, taking a great deal of bearing capacity.This product has been widely used in automobiles, machinery and other industries.

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