(Inch) Specification table for - Extra heavy duty

AD-insert? keylocking threaded insert is a kind of special fastener with external and internal thread and there are 4 or 2 keys on externalthread.they are widely used for the products of high strength of screw thread, such as: airborne, ship, vehicle military electronic equipment and instruments and meters, locomotives, etc.There are two kinds of materials for keylocking threaded inserts:carbon steel , stainless steel. The insert has Thin wall,Heavy duty,Solid,Extra heavy duty.Metric size and inch size are available.The most basic function of keylocking threaded inserts is fixed internal thread and strengthen the external thread.The keylocking threaded inserts as a kind of a thread repair method can quickly and efficiently to repair damaged threads.When they applied in low intensity of material, they can greatly enhance the strength of the threaded hole.

AD-Insert? Extra heavy duty keylocking threaded insert application information as follow(Inch):

Material:   Carbon steel   Case-hardened steel       Article No. …………100

               Stainless steel                                    Article No. …………400

               Rust-proof stainless steel                    Article No. …………500

 Above are standard materials and types, other materials, designs and finishes on request.

 Example for finding the article No. : 

keylocking threaded insert, work standard AD-ZY series and internal thread 1/4-20 ,made of carbon steel material, so the product code is: AD-ZY-04-200  


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