Introduction for keylocking threaded insert

The introduction for AD-insert? bolt threaded insertAD-insert? bolt threaded insert is a kind of special fastener with external and internal thread and there are 4 or 2 bolt keys on external thread. Install insert into the tapped hole, then press-into 4 bolt keys,resulting a strong tightening effect. bolt threaded inserts are widely used for the products of high strength of screw thread, such as: airborne, ship, vehicle military electronic equipment and instruments and meters, locomotives, etc and also have been suffered severe vibration, impact, salt spray test, humid heat test and actual use test.The bolt threaded insert has a higher strength in screw joint (anti-tensile and anti- torsional) than the ordinary wire threaded insert. The installation is simple and high success rate also easy to repair. When the base material is very thin or it’s through-hole, the wire threaded insert is difficult to apply, but the bolt threaded insert is an ideal choice. It is a reasonable and economic method for using the bolt threaded insert in the expensive workpieces with multi-screw holes.

The advantage ofAD-Insert? bolt threaded insert:

Repair the damaged threads effectively .

Especially suitable for application in high strength of internal  thread environment. Strong anti-seismic and  anti-tensile ability.

 Can enhance strength of threaded hole more effectively than ordinary stainless steel wire threaded insert .

Two materials: carbon steel and stainless steel for metric &inch.

Easy for use and installation.

The classification of the AD-Insert?bolt threaded insert:

        (Thin wall)        (Solid)

           (heavy duty),       (Extra heavy duty)

The materials for AD-Insert?bolt threaded insert:

1、(the most common)

2、 carbon steel

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