Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kindness Goes A Long Way......Super Sunday Post

I recently was reminded of something that my grandmother told me as I was growing up.  She used to always tell me that kindness goes a long way.  Just the other day was skimming through my tweets and saw that exact tweet from one of my friends on Twitter.  Boom!  Did that bring back a lot of memories.

As I write this, I realize that this has nothing to do with really nothing at all, although I do consider being thoughtful and respectful of other's feelings part of my overall well being.  It is unfortunate that we live in a day and age that the word kindness has simply left our vocabularies.  I remain amazed each and every day as I go through life, just how ungrateful and thoughtless people really are.  I was out over the weekend at a festival in a nearby town and was able to see that those exact words exist even now more than they ever did. 

So that is my rant for today.  In short, be kind, and share a smile. It doesn't cost anything. 

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