Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sarongs. Are They A Right Fit For You? #spon

For many women, finding something in their closet when preparing to get dressed can be a mind-wracking task. There may be many different outfits, some never even worn, but none seem to be the right color, style, size, and this adds to the frustration. A sarong can fix this problem, because they can be worn many different ways, and not just in the summer months. A sarong worn in the winter will be a welcome change of pace for not only the person wearing it, but also those who will see it being worn.

Sarongs have been worn for centuries, and are still very modern looking. This is because they are very flattering to all body types, and also because they can be worn in many different ways. Getting your first sarong may seem fun at first, and very exciting, and then confusing. A good place to find the information on how to wear, and also how to care for, your new sarong is the shop your are going to buy it from. They will know the fabric well, and how it can best be tied. 

Wearing a sarong as a dress, a short or long skirt, or as an accent such as a hat band should be the basic starting points. There are many other ways to wear a sarong, and you will find your own favorite way to wear one with a little bit of experimentation. Using a full length mirror or a friend and a camera, you can quickly tell which ones are going to be your favorites. As you get used to tying and manipulating your sarong, you'll see what works, what doesn't, and how to get your sarong to tie nicely and beautifully.

Photo Courtesy of Fairwinds Sarongs

For those who are plus size, sarongs are also made for you, too, and can be a very flattering piece of clothing that you will want to wear everywhere. Besides being flattering and versatile, sarongs are extremely comfortable, and can be worn without any areas that bind or restrict your movement. Many women enjoy wearing sarongs throughout their pregnancy.

Sarongs come in different woven fabric types, and many different colors, some with embroidery and bead work, while others have hand painted embellishments. Because a sarong can be worn as a dress, the task of finding a sarong that will match other clothing items is eliminated. When being worn as a skirt with a blouse, choosing blouses that are simple and a basic color will work the best. Having fun with your new sarong is the best part, though. A good quality sarong will last for years, but can still be the start of wanting a collection of these super-versatile clothing items.

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