Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Today is Wednesday! Time For A New Menu With eMeals!

Yes, today is Wednesday, and you know what that means.  Hump day? Well, yes, but I got a new menu and grocery list dropped into my email this morning from eMeals. I know that you are probably thinking are you kidding me? She is excited about getting a meal plan and grocery list.  Well, yes, by George, I am. You have no idea how much time that meal plan and grocery list save me.  I so look forward to checking my email on Wednesday mornings.  This week's menu plan has some really great recipes in it, like Chicken Lasagna, Garlic Tilapia, and Grown Up Grilled Cheese. Don't those sound really good.  I will be sharing a couple of them with you in the  next week so keep your eyes open for those posts.  

See how easy your dinner meals can be with eMeals?  Get the menu and grocery list right in your email once a week and you are set. No more of wondering what is for dinner any more.  You can use the discount code HEART to receive 10% off.


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