Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Good Ones Boy's Clothing #Review

If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you will know that I am always looking for clothing for my children that is unique, something that you don't find in the department stores. I definitely have found a company like that for boy's clothing.  The company is called The Good Ones. The Good Ones is like no other clothing company that I have ever found. Want to know more about The Good Ones, well here we go. From The Good Ones' website:

“ But why? ”Ever been asked that question, a few dozen times in a row? (Wrap it in your arms and never let it go.) It’s the sound of a world that’s brand-new. That’s inspiring with every turn. That’s yet to be figured out, and yet to be second-guessed. A world that will never let you down.

“But why?” Why? Because we wanted to design a clothing line that felt like that.

The Good Ones are make-believe. Make-believe! Has there ever been a better approach? The kids know, just ask ‘em: make-believe is, like, the best thing ever.The Good Ones is brought to you by a group of Midwestern dreamers that believe in celebrating the boys that light fireworks in our souls."

The Good Ones clothing was introduced in the Spring of 2012 with a collaboration between Matilda Jane Clothing and One Lucky Guitar. Enter the pretend band The Final Hurrahs where the clothing line follows this make believe band on tour. Together The Good Ones. Currently, The Good Ones has two collections that they have introduced, Rock on Four Legs and Numero One.  We received three pieces from the Numero One line and the World Tour Jacket from the Rock on Four Legs line. I am really excited to tell you all about these four pieces so let's get started.

I am going to start with the Achtung! Trouser.  These come in dark olive and are so versatile. They can be dressed up for a party or down to wear to the park.  The trousers feature a contrast yellow gold stitching, orange TGO adjustable elastic waist, fold-up reflective cuffs helps keep your boy visible if he is riding after dark. These trousers are definitely made with a boy in mind, especially my boy.  He can look at dirt and it jumps on him and with these trousers, they are the perfect color and are made for playing. I received these pants in a size 6 and they do have the elastic take up waist, which we used and the length is perfect. These pants retail for $26.00.

I am really excited to tell you about the next item, The World Tour Jacket.  Love, love this jacket.  This jacket features a reversible design, "tourliner" gauge knit lining, snap front with red drawstring accents. This jacket is just down right cute and it is perfect for fall and winter.  Especially with the weather that we have been having in our area lately.  One day it is cold, the next day it is warm, cool in the morning, warm during the day. This jacket has been perfect for my son to wear on those days. We actually have not even broke out the winter jacket yet. This jacket retails for $34.00 but is now on sale for $17.00 for a limited time. 

Next up is the Gentlemen's Western Shirt. I cannot say enough about this shirt except that I love it. It ties this whole outfit together. This shirt features embroidered accents, contrasting inner cuffs, flap pockets and these totally awesome pearl snap closures, which my son loved. We received this shirt in a size 6 and it fits perfectly.  We decided to wear the shirt open over the tee for a layered look.  The Gentlemen's Western Shirt retails for $30.00.

As you can tell from this picture, he is playing with those totally awesome pearl snap closures. Look at the detail on the back of the shirt. Simply cute. 

And last but not least, the Scallywag Tee.  The name alone of this Tee is just precocious.  This Tee features an embroidered badge with contrast stitching on left chest, knit boilerplate on bottom-back. This Tee is 100% cotton and is completely my son's style. The Tee retails for $20.00.

The Good Ones are just the type of clothing that I like to purchase for my son. They are made to withstand the toughness of boys and the quality of The Good Ones' clothing is unmatched. Thank you so much to The Good Ones for allowing me to review the pieces that you sent us. We are thoroughly impressed with the clothing line.  Be sure to follow The Good Ones on Facebook and Twitter for update information on The Final Hurrahs and new designs coming out.  You can also follow them on Pinterest.



  1. That's a good looking little man you got there! The clothing looks fabulous and sounds like a good quality.

  2. You're lucky to have such a handsome and talented model! Those are fantastic looking kid's clothes and the prices are reasonable, too!

  3. I love that your 'model' was having such a great time modelling. The outfits are great!

  4. I think my fave is the jacket. Your son is a great little model!

  5. i love cloyhing fabulous and sounds like a good quality.thanks



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