Friday, October 19, 2012

Planning A Royal #DisneyPrincessWMT Halloween Party

You are cordially invited to attend our Disney Princess Royal Halloween Party.  My daughter gets so excited when I mention this "event".  Most young girls love Disney Princesses and my daughter is no different from any other. When she found out that we were going to have a Disney Princess Halloween Party, you would have thought she had been told we were taking her to Disney World. To put it mildly, she was really excited. She loves the whole idea of planning a party, getting dressed up for the party, and being the hostess of the Ball. Keep in mind, this was not just any party, this is a Royal Party. Her next question, of course, and most important, what Princess shall I be?  A very important question to be answered by a 7 year old. It only took her a split second to answer that question.  Cinderella, of course. 

The Disney Royal Ball Augmented Reality 2.0 App was recently introduced and of course we couldn't have a Royal Ball without downloading it.  My daughter loved going through the app to create just the perfect outfit and carriage to get to the Royal Ball. The app will allow you to interact in participating Walmart stores by scanning the covers of Blu-Ray and DVD's to unlock other magical experiences. 

Not only did my daughter test out the new Royal Ball app, but so do I. It is really neat, how the app walks you through preparing for the Royal Ball by picking our your perfect outfit and carriage, then actually getting to the Ball where you can dance around. My daughter was really ready to get the party started after using the Royal Ball app. If the app is not enough, on October 2nd, Disney released Cinderella from the vault after being previously released in 2005.  Cinderella is now available for a limited time on Blu-Ray and DVD. 

We were off to Walmart to gather all of our party supplies. And of course, a list is in order when you are shopping for a Halloween Party, but not just a Halloween Party, a Disney Princess Halloween Party. The list is made and time to go do some serious Princess shopping. 

First stop, of course, the Halloween costumes. First and foremost, you cannot have a Disney Princess Halloween Party with out the perfect party dress.  Since my daughter had already decided that she was going to be Cinderella, all that was left was for her to find "the dress". She saw one hanging up high and she turned and looked at me and said, "that is the one". So it is. The dress was picked, now from some party accolades to transform our house into the Castle. 

I go in and out of Walmart frequently but I guess because I have not stopped to really observe the Disney Princess products before, there are a wide variety of them and lots and lots of them. There was no problem finding what we wanted to decorate with. My grandson even got into princess mode. 

Princesses must have the proper entertainment options at the Royal Ball. There must be special items like nail polish, dolls to dress up, and games to play. With that in mind, we found a set of nail polish and makeup fit for a Princess. In the toy section, there are beautiful Cinderella dolls and her Prince Charming.  There is even an enchanted horse and carriage. All things a Princess must have at her Royal Ball. 

We finally decided that we had seen all things Princess so we headed to the front of the store to checkout. Do you think we got enough loot for our Royal Ball?

Would you like to see more of our shopping trip to plan for our Royal Ball? Visit my Google + album to take a look. To keep the Princesses in your home up to date with all things Disney Princess, be sure and check out the Social Channel, Disney Princess products at, Disney on Twitter, Cinderella's Facebook page, and the Disney Princess Facebook page.  Be sure and check back next week for part two, the Royal Ball.

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