Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chugging Right Along on Nutrisystem-Week 3 Results #NSNation #spon

I am in awe at how fast time is going by. I have now completed week 3 on Nutrisystem. Unbelievable!  I have had kind of a crazy week, running here and there for appointments and the usual after school activities. There were actually a couple of days where I literally did not have my lunch until 3:00 in the afternoon and by that time, I ate and was not hungry for dinner time so I would just have a snack. On those days that I didn't have time to eat, I did have a granola bar in my purse so that I at least had something in my tummy. In my plan to lose weight, I have one rule that I stick by and that is not to eat after 6:00 p.m. I actually feel better and sleep better at night when I don't eat late. Does that sound far fetched? But I really do feel better. 

I am getting to the point, where I actually feel like I have found my groove, so to speak, with Nutrisystem and have gotten into a routine. I found meals that I love and was able to narrow that down with my food order for next month. I know, month two already, I cannot believe it.  I hadn't tried any of the pizzas yet so for dinner one evening, I tried the Turkey and Italian Sausage Pizza.  It is delightful! Lots of flavor and I baked it until the crust was just crispy, paired that with a green salad, and it was great. Now one of my favorite meals. I actually liked this pizza better than some of the other low cal brands that I have tried. Very tasty!

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I bumped my workouts up a little bit this week to 45 minutes instead of the 40 minutes from last week. Working out 4 days a week and the other 3 days I am walking. I have also been doing some exercises that are targeting certain troublesome areas, if you know what I mean. There are still some days that I feel like I cannot make it through the workout but I keep pushing through it. 

Now onto my good news. I am happy to say that I lost again this week. Yay! Here  are my results:

Starting weight: 182.6
End of Week 1: 176.4
End of Week 2: 174.4
End of Week 3:  172.6
Total Weight Loss:  10 pounds!

OH. MY.GOODNESS! I am so happy. 10 POUNDS. I noticed the other day that a pair of jeans that I had worn last  year that were really snug fitting, were feeling a little loose around the waist. That is awesome. What a great feeling.  Here's to another great week with Nutrisystem.  


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  1. Great job! I found some foods I really like too! Keep up the great work


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