Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What A Difference A Week Makes! #NSNation #spon

Wow! I cannot believe that I have already completed Week 1 on Nutrisystem.  The week flew by and with that being said I am happy to report for  my first week I had a total weight loss of 6.2 pounds!  Yay! I was overjoyed when I stepped on that scale and it showed that I was 6 pounds lighter.

As I began my week last week, I was motivated to get started and get moving. I worked out everyday with the exception of Sunday, and I made that one of my "rules" that I at least take one day off to rest and rejuvenate for the next week. My workouts included walking, Zumba, and using my EA Active Sports for the Wii. I accomplished getting in my 8 glasses of water each day and managed most days to exceed that. 

I logged in all of my food intake to my food log on the Nutrisystem website. This really helped keep me in check with food consumption and guided me throughout the day with the needed food groups that I needed to have before I completed my day. I was able to try many of the great Nutrisystem entrees and so far the ones that I have tried have been great.  Right now, my favorite lunch is the Chicken Quesadillas. They are so good and just the right amount.  There were a couple of times during the week I did feel a little hungry but I just grabbed my water bottle and chugged and I was good to go. 

I am excited to see what Week 2 holds and I am hopeful that I will have another weight loss to report.  I plan to "bump" up my workouts a little this week and I am striving to get in at least 10,000 steps a day. 

Starting weight: 182.6
End of Week 1: 176.4
Total Weight Loss:  6.2

Here's to a great Week 2. Cheers!

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  1. You are doing great....Congratulations!!

  2. Wow-I'm so proud of you! KEEP IT UP!

  3. Wow! 6lbs in a week? That is so awesome! I've seen quite a few people on Nutri System and it is working. wow!

  4. That's AWESOME!! An amazing amount of weight to lose in a week! CONGRATS!

  5. Congrats on your weight loss, keep it up! :)

  6. wahoo! Way to go! So proud of you! I love nutrisystem! Keep up the great work!


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