Wednesday, September 5, 2012

pediped Boy's Tennis Shoe {Review}

My son outgrows tennis shoes before I feel like he has gotten the wear out of them. We go through at least two to three pair of tennis shoes during the school year.  I usually buy one pair at the beginning of the year and then another pair for back to school after Christmas break.  I recently was given the opportunity to review a pair of shoes from pediped. Before we get to the review, if you are not familiar with pediped, let me introduce you.  Here is a little information from their website about them.

"pediped® footwear was created in 2004 by Angela and Brian Edgeworth. After their first daughter Caroline was born, Angela started to do a lot of thinking about footwear and the kind of shoes that would be best for her child. She wanted a shoe that was comfortable and stylish and that could be worn both indoors and out. Most importantly, she wanted a shoe that was healthy for her daughter’s feet.
After doing a lot of research, Angela discovered that doctors recommended barefoot walking or soft leather sole shoes, but the choices for infants and toddlers were limited.That is when Angela and her husband Brian decided to create the perfect shoe, which would be “the next best thing to bare feet”.
pediped® has become one of the fastest growing children's footwear brands in the U.S. and offers more than 120 designs spanning EU sizes 17-33. pediped’s three footwear lines include Originals® (soft soled shoes for children ages birth to 2), Grip ‘n’ Go™ (soft rubber soled shoes for children 9 months to three years) and Flex® (rubber soled shoes for children 1-8 years). pediped® is sold all around the world."

For the review, we chose the Flex Mercury in Navy, Red and Silver, retails for $49. pediped shoes feature the Flex Fit System which allows the parent to adjust the fit allowing the child to get more wear out of the shoe. The Flex Fit System can allow you to prolong the use of the shoe by up to two months. I love this concept!  The shoes come with an set of insoles so that you can custom fit the tennis shoes. Once the shoes start to become a little tight for the child, you can simply remove the insoles for extra room in the shoe. These shoes are also feature Memory Foam Technology for added support and comfort. Another great thing about pedipeds is that "pediped Originals®, Grip ‘n’ Go™, and Flex® have been officially recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) as being beneficial for children's growing feet." (From pediped website).

My son has been wearing his pedipeds since school started and tells me that they are very comfortable. He told me that they are "way cool" and his friends think so too.  I love the velcro closures instead of having shoestrings to deal with, especially as hard as he plays, and his teacher doesn't have to worry about tying his shoes.  The pedipeds are extremely well made and have already been in the rain.  They didn't get wet on the insides, even though they have the mesh uppers, and my son said his socks weren't wet.

If you are looking for a really great quality shoe for your child or children, I recommend giving pediped a try.  They have sizes for girls up to 8 years and boys up to 7 years.  Their shoes are very stylish and they have a wide variety to choose from. They not only have tennis shoes, but they carry dress shoes and boots, too.  You can also find pediped on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you pediped for allowing us to review a pair of your shoes.  I am sure that my son will get many enjoyable steps from them!


  1. Those are cute!! Not that boys like cute, they are cool! Cool shoes :D

    From PDX with Love

  2. Those shoes are awesome! My daughter will be needing some shoes here very soon and I think I will have to give Pediped a try! Thanks!

  3. I love pediped shoes! My son rocked them sideways until he grew out of them.

  4. My boys need durable too! We tried inexpensive, but they are too rough on them so we had to switch to higher quality. I will have to check out pediped :)


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