Monday, September 3, 2012

Father of the Bride Part I and II Review

I am very excited to be writing this review as I have partnered with Mommy Bear Media to bring you a review of a family friendly movie each month.  Yes, that's right, once a month, you will see a family friendly  movie that my family has picked to watch and I will be writing a review on that movie.  

The movie that we chose for this month was Father of the Bride, Parts I and II.  I have always loved this movie, I just forgot how much I really love it.  This movie stars Steve Martin as George Banks, Diane Keaton as Nina Banks, and Kimberly Williams as Annie Banks.  And of course, Martin Short as Franck. This film is the remake of the original Father of the Bride by Vincent Minnelli which originally ran in 1950 and starred Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracy.  Part I is about a father who totally adores his daughter.  She comes home from college one day and tells him that she has found the one and is getting married.  Dad has a terrible time dealing with this very unexpected news and dealing with the fact that his little girl has grown up while she was away. George has no options at this point but to just deal with it.  Enter Franck, the over the top wedding planner.  The event is on and all George sees is his bank account shrinking by the minute.  The day finally arrives and Annie is married.  There are lots of laughs and tears in this movie and any parent will certainly relate to how George feels. 

Father of the Bride Part II continues on only to find Annie is going to have a baby. Its not enough that George has had to deal with "losing" his little girl to marriage but she is going to have a baby making him a grandfather.  The word grandfather starts to sink in and George finds himself feeling that he has to make himself appear younger.  Just as he starts to get used to the fact that he is going to be a grandfather, Nina finds out that she is going to have another child. George had only recently sold the home that he and Nina had raised their other two children in, only to find out that the gentleman that he sold it to was going to wreck  it.  Paying a lot more than he sold the house for, George regained ownership of the family home.  George decides to hire the over the top wedding planner to have a double baby shower for the girls.  In the end, both babies are born at about the same time, making George a father again and a new grandfather. 

This is a family friendly movie that my family will watch over and over again.  If you are looking for movies like Father of the Bride, Mommy Bear Media has a great selection of older movies as well as new releases.  I definitely recommend looking at Mommy Bear Media's site for your movie needs. The prices are competitive and they offer free shipping.  That is a win win!  Enjoy!


  1. Great movies. Martin and Steve are hilarious together.

  2. These are fabulous movies!! Thanks for the great post/review!
    - Mommy Bear


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