Friday, September 14, 2012

Choose your Home: Single Storey or Two Storey Houses

When it comes to choosing a new house design, much of the details come down to the personal preferences of the perspective owner. Talk to one person and they’ll to tell you that nothing beats a two storey house, ask their next door neighbours, however, and you’re likely to hear a completely different story. If you’re lucky enough to be building your very own home, make an informed design about the design of your new house. There are various advantages and disadvantages to both single storey and two storey living, so be sure to check out our guide below.

Benefits & Disadvantages of Single Storey Living

Single storey houses can be great for both residential or acreage living environments. Families, couples, singles and retirees all reside in single storey homes, as they provide convenience and a low maintenance area. As mentioned, one of the most influential benefits of living in a single storey home is the low maintenance lifestyle. Unlike larger two storey homes, single storey houses are relatively easy to maintain and require much less cleaning and upkeep. Disadvantages of living in a single storey home often come down to the size and space available to you. For many home owners, single storey houses provide an adequate amount of space for their current lifestyles. Larger families, however, often discover that single storey homes are far too cramped, creating an uncomfortable living environment for everyone. Single storey houses are the perfect option for people who struggle with mobility, as there are no stairs to navigate and provide a much more confined living space.

The Facts about Two Storey Houses

Two Storey homes remain to be popular amongst larger or growing families. Unlike single storey houses, two storey options provide a much more spacious living environment, frequently dividing the upstairs quarters into bedrooms and the downstairs areas into living and dining spaces. Two storey houses are also favourites for home owners who enjoy the atmosphere of open plan home designs. Open plan living can create a more spacious living area and encourage families to interact more openly, rather than being confined to separate rooms. While there aren’t many, two storey homes do have a few drawbacks for some home owners. Anyone suffering from a disability or a lack of mobility may struggle to feel comfortable in a two storey home, with most designs incorporating internal stairs, leading to the bedrooms.

Making the Right Decision

As aforementioned, choosing your home design is a very personal decision. Your house choice should represent the needs of you and your family, catering for the many different aspects of your life. After becoming more knowledgeable about the benefits and disadvantages of both single storey and two storey living, you will be capable of making an informed decision when creating your new dream home.


  1. I had no idea, thanks for the info and tips.

  2. Great insights - I like 2 storeys for their small footprint (land) but 1 storeys are so much more practical for just 2 people like us.

  3. I love two story houses but not for me. ;) I love our one story home. Much more easy! Thanks for these pros and cons.

  4. Thanks for the tips.
    I prefer a single story because we have more than one disabled relative whom visits our home. The stairs would limit their movement. However I like the look of a two story home!

  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I personally love my two story house. We have four kids so the privacy is nice. Kids are on one floor, we are on another! I have lived in both though!

  6. I grew up in a single storey house, but I've always wanted a 2 storey one I don't know why! I guess I really want more space!

  7. Nice information you have shared here regarding the two storey house. It is a perfect house for first time house owners Thank you.


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