Saturday, June 30, 2012

Get Your Curves Back With CoolSculpting Charlotte #Sponsored Post

I am sure that some of you will agree with me when I say, no matter how many exercises that you may do to target that one area that you are just not happy about, the area does not get any better.  I have one area that I have been working on for months and I am just not getting anywhere.  Wouldn't it be great if we could just take one hour out of our day, without doing all of those strenuous exercises, and get visible results within as little as four weeks?  Please point me in that direction now!  Now you can get those kind of results with CoolSculpting.  I am guessing that you want to know more. The CoolSculpting procedure will target those fat layers in your problem areas using a patented cooling technology that will freeze fat cells and poof they are gone.  The procedure iis completely safe and has been approved by the FDA.  The cooling procedure allows the for the reduction of bulges in the area that has been treated and doesn't harm the surrounding tissue. Now I am all for a procedure that does not require any hospital visits or recovery time.  The CoolSculpting procedure is so simple that you can resume your normal activities that same day.  Check out the video below that describes how the entire CoolSculpting processs works.

That is simply amazing, in just one visit to your local Charlotte CoolSculpting doctor, you will see a reduction in fat in the area that was treated. 

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Do you have some areas that you would like to disappear?  I know I do and the CoolSculpting procedure would be just the resolution for those problem areas. Book your appointment today for your treatment at any Charlotte area CoolSculpting physician.  


  1. This procedure sounds really interesting. I would love to try it!!

  2. Kathryn,
    Thank you for sharing this procedure with us all.
    I've been reading and pondering on the following.
    The fat cells are not created equally. There are some that are closer to our skin surface to which other fat celles are attaching. And there are those fat cells that further, deeper in the body. All have their names, which I won't bother anybody here.
    The problem is that when the fat cells which are closer to our skin surface are removed, the rest of the fat cells do not have any surface to attach to. What do they do? They start surrounding and attaching to the internal organs instead.
    A person may look slimmer for some time. But is it healthy in the long run?
    I am still following and watching all the reports and medical peer-reviewed studies. It'll take some time to gather this data. But first results start to pop, based on other fat removal procedures.
    That's my sharing with you all for today.
    Thank you.

  3. Thanks, this sounds really interesting.

  4. Any idea on how much this costs? It sounds very interesting!

  5. Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing!


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