Monday, April 30, 2012

#Mamavation Monday

It was kind of a weird week for  me last week.  I started off the week really good, eating healthy, working out, and I actually put some thought into what I was going to eat for the week.  Went out to the store, got fresh fruit and veggies for the week, along with some fish and chicken.  I prepared a few of my dinnertime meals in advance so that all I would have to do is heat them up and not have the temptation of wanting to eat something that is "bad" for me.  My husband was extremely happy to find out that I done this because most of the time, when he comes home from work, I ask him what he wants for dinner and then he turns around asks me the same thing. So we go back and forth like this for a few minutes until we end up both eating something different.  So, we spent less time the first few days of the week going back and forth about what to eat.  It was so great to know ahead of time what was for dinner.  The worry of worrying about what to fix was gone.  That in itself, for me, is a huge burden lifted off my shoulders.

 Making my way through the week, I started to have my usual mid - week backslide.  I got that feeling like I just didn't have any motivation to continue with my hard work that I had put in the first part of the week.  So, as of Thursday, I did not do anymore workouts for the week and my water intake should have been double what I took in.  My eating wasn't all that bad.  I still continued to eat my fruits, whole grains and veggies, just didn't have them organized like the first part of the week.

A new day is dawning.  I am so happy and motivated that today is the beginning of the 2 Week Challenge. I fully intend to take a stand and work my butt off during this 2 Week Challenge.  I am determined that I will see excellent results for this 2 Week Challenge.  I am excited for the Mamavation Twitter Party Launch this evening and good luck to the four Mamavation Mom finalists. Exciting! I hope you all  have a wonderful week!


  1. It seems like a lot of us (myself included) had a tough week last week. We've got to dust ourselves off and get back at it! Good luck in the 2 week challenge!

  2. Rock this challenge and fight through the midweek blahs. You can do this!

  3. My husband & I also do the dinner exchange. I think we can all say we've been there. Good luck this week

  4. My husband and I do the same thing with dinner. Planning is key for me. That way I just look at the list, see what to make and make it. It's good for the kiddos too. Good luck with the 2 week challenge. You are going awesome!!


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